Most consumers assume that exterior contractors have just one trick up their sleeve to clean dirt and grime off the outside of their roofs, siding, decks, and other exterior surfaces. In reality, though, there are several different ways that contractors go about this process. Read on to find out about Pressure Washing, power washing, and soft washing and what each of these processes is designed to accomplish.

Traditional Pressure Washes

A traditional pressure wash uses room-temperature water compressed, as the name implies, to a high level in order to blast away dirt and grime. It can be used to clean hard exterior surfaces such as decks, walkways, patios, and landscaping features that are constructed out of brick, concrete, and stone. It’s important not to use pressure washing to clean delicate surfaces.

The pressure washers available to commercial contractors are stronger than those sold to consumers. Depending on the type of equipment they are using and their intended applications, homeowners may be able to add soapy water to the pressure washers they purchase at home supply stores to clean their siding. These machines won’t be effective enough to accomplish the same results as the ones used by contractors who provide the pressure washing Winter Haven residents need to clean walkways and other stone surfaces, though.

Power Washing

To many consumers in Winter Haven pressure washing and power washing appear to be the same thing. In point of fact, they are very similar. However, power washing uses hot water at very high pressures for maximum effect.

Homeowners may be able to use the pressure washers sold to consumers themselves as long as they take some basic safety precautions but they should never try to operate commercial power washers unless they’ve had some dedicated training. Improper use of this powerful equipment can lead to property damage or even personal injury.

Soft Washing

Although the name is similar, soft washing is a very different process than either pressure or power washing. It uses chemical solutions instead of pressurized water to clean away dirt and grime.

When they hire an experienced contractor to perform soft washing Winter Haven homeowners can rest assured that their contractors will use only safe chemical solutions that will not damage their homes or the surrounding environment. They’ll simply apply the chemical solution, let it sit for a while, then make use of a low-power rinse system to wash away chemicals and dirt alike. The low rinse systems used to facilitate soft washing are similar in pressure to a garden hose and will not damage even sensitive roofing materials.


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